1. Registration

The registration period will be from May 17 to July 23, 2018 - business hours. Material delivered outside this period will not be accepted.

To subscribe, the participant must send or personally deliver the material below to the festival headquarters:

- The registration form should be printed on the website:

- An image of the film in jpg 300 dpi, RGB dimensions approx. 1800x1200px (on CD or printed)

- Finished aversion of the film.

1.2. New: Starting in 2013, we started to receive productions from all over Brazil and internationally.

2. Of the Movies and Media.

- The films must have been produced in H.264 format, recorded on DVD video.

- The accepted media are: DVD or Pendrive.

- Movies can also be sent via FTP or through the Festhome site (

- Other forms of sending must be studied with the production of the Festival.

Are considered for the Festival:

- Short films: up to 15 minutes;

- Foreign films must have subtitles in Portuguese.

- Foreign films must be subtitled in Portuguese

The media delivered for pre-selection will be the same one to be used if the movie is selected. Films must be finalized, not being accepted unfinished films or provisional copies, even after the registration period.

3. Online Registration

- Entries will be made through the platform of the website: - Partner of the Festival.

- Other means of sending the films, request information through our e-mail: [email protected] or our Facebook profile - Cine Curtas Lapa.

4. Of the Selection of the Shorts.

- Short films will be selected that were filmed in the city of Rio de Janeiro or that have the city as theme, in the genres fiction, documentary and animation, as well as national and foreign productions.

- The media will NOT be returned to the participants, thus remaining in the festival's collection. Short or unpublished short films will be selected in the commercial / festival circuit.

- Short films for the Festival will be films that have up to 15 '(Fifteen minutes), counting the final credits.

- Foreign films that have dialogues will need the SUBTITLES IN PORTUGUESE.

Only films produced from 2016 will be accepted.

4.1 Program 'Sessão Cine Short Lapa'

The films selected and awarded at the festival will be part of the "Sessão Cine Curtas Lapa" and the "Papo, Roteiro e Cerveja" Program, both programs linked to the Festival (YouTube Channel and "Festival Commemorative Shows").

5. Do Result.

The result of the selection will be available on the website and on our Social Networks, starting on August 13, 2018.

6. From the Festival Period.

 7th Cine Short Lapas 2018 will take place on Thursdays (4, 11, 18, 21) in October and (1, 8 and 15) in November 2018 The Festival will award and close on November 16 at La Esquina Teatro Bar. Full programming will be available on the Site and on our Social Networks up to one week before the festival.

The full schedule will be available on the website up to one week before the festival.

7. Awarded Categories.

Popular Jury:

- Madame Satan Trophy for the Best Carioca Short + Certificate.

- Trofeo Seu Ze for the Best Foreigner + Certificate.

- Lapa Bohemia Trophy for the Best Brazilian Short + Certificate.

- Best Documentary (Trophy + Certificate).

- Best Animation (Trophy + Certificate).

Professional Jury:

- Lapa Cine Short Trophy + Certificate:

Best Screenplay

Best Photography

Best Editing

Best Direction

Best Actor

Best actress

Festival Direction:

- Honorable Mentions

The festival jury will be formed by professionals from the audiovisual industry.

8. Averages and Longs display.

There may be medium and feature films whose theme is the city of Rio de Janeiro during the Festival, but outside the competitive show.

9. Of the authorization of exhibition / disclosure.

In the registration form the participant will authorize the festival producer to display the selected film in full during the festival according to the schedule to be announced and also authorize the exhibition of excerpts of up to 1 minute of the film in journalistic programs on Brazilian television with open signal or Social Networks and for making available on informative websites on the INTERNET strictly for the purpose of publicizing the event.

10. General and final provisions.

By registering the film for the festival, the participant will be expressly agreeing with this regulation. For questions and information please contact one of the following channels of communication with the festival: 

Whatsapp: 55-21-98469-9407

USInA - Social Unit Integrated in the Arts / Audiovisual - Cinema Short Lapa Festival

CNPJ .: 17.000.006 / 0001-61

Email: [email protected] 

Festival production


May 15 to June 5, 2018 - Publicizing and sending invitations to movies.

17 May to 23 July 2018 - Registration.

August 13, 2018 - Results of the selected.

4; 11; 18; 25th October and 1st and 8th November 2018 - Festival.

November 15 - Closing and Awards.